Health insurance in Germany

Health insurance is mandatory for employees in Germany. Before the first day of work, the employee should choose a statutory health insurance and apply for membership there. The employer will ask for health insurance membership before the first day of work. The health insurance starts on the day the employment relationship begins.

The system of statutory health insurance in Germany is unusual compared to other countries: there is not one, but around 100 statutory health insurance funds. These statutory health insurance funds are corporations under public law that are not allowed to make a profit and provide their services in accordance with legal requirements.

You can find a list of health insurance companies under List: Statutory health insurance companies

There are certain differences in contributions and benefits due to the large number. The work of the statutory health insurers is strictly regulated. Most benefits are prescribed by law. After twelve months, you can switch to any other statutory health insurance fund within the system.

Questions and answers about medical assistance for Ukrainians in Germany can be found on the site of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Further information on medical care in Germany in Ukrainian and Russian can be found at and in the mobile application "Germany4Ukraine," available in the app stores(Android and iOS).


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